Corporate Training

When your performance is heightened and you are displaying better than average leadership

Our Corporate Training Is Aimed At Success For Your Company

Our courses have been conducted in a corporate environment and out in the field. Training is aimed at leaders of all levels. For high-risk industries, we assist you with improving your operational excellence, procedural compliance, and your safety record. Through assessments, the training process, and follow-on coaching, PLC will identify and recommend potential courses of action to ensure you achieve your key performance indicators without sacrificing safety.

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Performance & Leadership Coaching

Core Packages

PLC offers three core packages for corporate training, a half day seminar, a full day seminar and a full week workshop.  These programs are designed specifically to increase the performance of your company while increasing leadership both as a group and individually.

Half Day Workshop

Our communication workshop will get you and your team up to speed from 8am to 1pm.

Full Day Seminar

Our Team Performance Enhancement Seminar will last from 8am to 6pm.

Full Week Workshop

This workshop provides a roadmap to achieving Excellence in Leadership.

About the Training

Our interactive and informative courses are part of a facilitated program for leaders of any organization who desire their employees to communicate more effectively and collaborate better as a team. Through teaching Leadership Fundamentals, Team Resource Management Skills and Continuous Improvement Principles, along with the practical application thereof, PLC will assist your company in unlocking the doorway to the path of improved performance.

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